Snap-on Torque Wrench 1/2” Drive Heavy Duty (60-300 ft-lb) BRUTUS3R300

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Snap-on Torque Wrench 1/2” Drive Heavy Duty (60-300 ft-lb) BRUTUS3R300

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Snap-on Torque Wrench 1/2” Drive Heavy Duty (60-300 ft-lb) BRUTUS3R300

Snap-on Torque Wrench 1/2” Drive Heavy Duty (60-300 ft-lb) BRUTUS3R300

Pre owned, but this is in NICE condition! Some fingerprints on it and that is about it. It is very clean and shiny! Doesn’t appear to have been used much!

Features and Benefits

Expanded Range – Allows extended coverage with 1/2″ drive tool

servicing a majority of vehicles and large pick-ups

– Gives user additional range in applying torque and needing angle on high torque


• Roll-stamped Tube – stamped scale (ft-lb) offers better permanency

and visibility

– 2 ft-lb increments

• Heavy Duty Components – features thicker diameter main tube, cam

and internal components for strength and durability

Overall length is 32-1/2″

Accuracy – ± 6% CW & CCW


General automotive and industrial use where there is a

need for high torque applications such as main pulleys

and HD suspension components

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Years Vehicle Application

2011 Chevrolet® Silverado®

 3500HD Pitman Arm to Steering Gear Nut

2011 Chevrolet®/GMC® Full Size Truck Pitman Arm To Input Shaft

2003-2008 Dodge®/Ram® 2500/3500 Axle Hub/Nut

2005-2008 Dodge®/Ram® 2500/3500 Front Caliper Bracket Bolts

2014 Dodge®/Ram® 3500 Track Bar to Axle Linkage

2002-2007 Ford®

 Explorer® Toe Link Outboard Nut/Bolt

2002-2010 Ford®

 Explorer® Transfer Case Flange Nut

2002-2010 Ford® Explorer® Lower Control Arm To Frame Forward Bolt/Nuts

2002-2010 Ford®

 Explorer® Shock Absorber To Lower Control Arm Bolt/Nut

2006-2010 Ford® Explorer® Gear Mounting Bolts

2004-2008 Ford®

 F150® Spindle Nut

2004-2014 Ford® F150® Engine Mount Fasteners- Through Bolts

2004-2014 Ford®

 F150® Front Suspension- Front Wheel Hub Nut

2007-2014 Ford® F150® Front Suspension Lower Ctrl Arm-Frame Nuts 2WD & 4WD

2007-2014 Ford® F150® Rear Suspension Leaf Spring-Front Bracket Nut

2008 Ford® F250® Engine Mount Bolts

2013 Ford® F250® Leaf Spring Front Bracket Bolts

1999-2008 Ford F250®/F350® Driveshaft Flange To Driveshaft Nut

 1999-2008 Ford®
F250®/F350® Radius Arm To I-Beam Axle Nut/Bolt

 2005-2007 Ford®
F250®/F350® Leaf Spring To Front Spring Hanger Bolt

 2007-2012 Toyota® Sequoia® Rear Drive Axle
Larger Class Vehicles
Years Vehicle Application

 2006 International® 700 series Rear Suspension Equalizing Beams/Saddle Cap Studs
2005 Mack® Granite series Cross Steering Lever Nut 

2005 Peterbilt®
287 Frame Bracket Bolts 

2014 Volvo® VNM series Main Drive Gear Bearing Nut

Refer to vehicle repair manual for actual torque settings

Snap-on Torque Wrench 1/2” Drive Heavy Duty (60-300 ft-lb) BRUTUS3R300

Automotive Tools Every Auto Owner Needs

Cars are sizeable investments. As a motor automobile becomes older, its maintenance becomes increasingly crucial. You will find many tools that every auto owner should have. Auto shops can occasionally charge exurbanite amounts for the fix that is simple could have been done in the home for much cheaper. Having the proper tools and knowledge will allow any auto owner to truly save money, find out more about their automobile, and maintain their car.

1. Jack And Jack Stands

When working on a motor car, more often than maybe not, the car should be elevated. Simple procedures like rotating tires could be done aware of assistance from a Jack. Additionally, all car owners should have jack in their car with them anywhere they go. In the unfortunate occasion of the flat tire, having a jack and a spare tire can lead to a tire replacement that is simple. In a garage, having a powerful jack and strong jack stands makes it possible for the car owner to reach every point underneath the car and therefore re solve problems more effectively.

2. Torque Wrench

Wheels and other automotive components such as engine components need to be tightened to specific requirements. A set of good torque wrenches is crucial for each true home mechanic.

3. Socket Set

Often when dealing with areas of the engine, or the spots that are hard-to-reach the hood, proper tools are required. a 3/8-inch socket set can allow a car owner to loosen and afterwards tighten up a multitude of bolts. Different extensions enable the auto owner to get the best perspectives for torque and so quite make auto jobs a bit easier.

4. Funnel

When oil that is changing having a funnel, some rags, and a bucket is very useful. Once again, the oil change is one of the most important maintenances for a car, and it can be done easily by anyone. However, many individuals do maybe not have the proper tools or knowledge for an oil change that is successful. Having a funnel can additionally be helpful when refilling any other fluids in one’s car. The funnel serves to make sure that liquids aren't getting over filled, which can result in problems that are significant.

5. Vice Grips

Finally, every auto owner should have a pair of solid vice grips. Some times part will not come loose. Other times, a motor car part may not be seemingly tight enough despite one’s best efforts. Vice grips can hold a wide number of car parts and permit the consumer to get more leverage for either tightening or loosening part. Whenever encountering a component which will simply not come loose, many auto owners gives up and take their vehicle to a store. Having vice grips can help one to avoid this problem. With the tools that are right anyone can fix small problems and keep maintaining his / her automobile without the assistance of an auto mechanic.

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