EWM-100 Digital Torque Wrench 1/2 Drive Max. 73.7ft.lb Torque W2G6

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EWM-100 Digital Torque Wrench 1/2 Drive Max. 73.7ft.lb Torque W2G6

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EWM-100 Digital Torque Wrench 1/2 Drive Max. 73.7ft.lb Torque W2G6


—- Modern electric torque wrench with 72 Gear 5 functional keys for operating, with ±2% torque accuracy at max. measurement up to 7.37 ft and 0.01 ft-lb resolution. for Low torque applications like Bikes and Fasteners.

Easy Operation — Digital backlight LCD display, simple set-point via push button control, clock wise and counterclock wise dual direction operation, and flashing to indicate torque setting achievement.

Powerful Function — Torque units for (N.m、kgf.、lbf.tf、lbf.in), 999 group torque point memory with and Trace capabilities. With 3 meansure mode ( hold(P)/Real mode(T)/Preset mode(Pre)). Offers -Hold and Tracking modes.

Versatile Use — This compact digital torque wrench can operate in conditions. Perfect tool for control and apply measured torque in industrial, HVAC, automotive and aerospace applications.

Premium Quality — Digital torque wrenches made from stainless steel and industrial plastics. This electric torque wrench set comes with a protective that it against wear & tear when not in use to deliver long lasting performance.


Material: ABS

Model: EWM-10/EWM-30/EWM-60/EWM-100 (optional)

Min. Scale Value:  

     EWM-10/EWM-30/EWM-60: 0.01

     EWM-100: 0.1

Max. Operating (N.m):  

     10N.m/7.37ft.lb/88.50in.lb/101.97kgf.                                                30N.m/22.12ft.lb/265.5in.lb/305.91kgf.  




     EWM-10/EWM-30: 1/4

     EWM-60: 3/8

     EWM-100: 1/2


     EWM-10: 0.3~10

     EWM-30: 0.9~30

     EWM-60: 1.8~60

     EWM-100: 3~100


     EWM-10/EWM-30: 230

     EWM-60: 240

     EWM-100: 285

Accuracy*1: Clock Wise: ±2%; Counterclock Wise: ±2.5%

Storage Capacity: 999

Operating Mode: hold(P)/Real mode(T)/Preset mode(Pre)

Unit: N.m、kgf.、lbf.tf、lbf.in

Ratch Head: Two-way Ratch Head

Number of Ratch Head: 72

Number of : 5

: 2 pcs AAA (not include)

Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃~70℃

Drop Testing Height: 1m

Testing Condition*2: 10g

Test*3: 10000times

Item Lengh:




Package Weight:  




Package List: E9957-4

1 * Digital Torque Wrench( not include)

1 * Manual

1 * Carry Box

EWM-100 Digital Torque Wrench 1/2 Drive Max. 73.7ft.lb Torque W2G6

Automotive Tools Every Auto Owner Should Have

Automobiles are sizeable investments. As being a motor vehicle becomes older, its maintenance becomes increasingly important. There are numerous tools that each and every auto owner should have. Auto shops will often charge exurbanite amounts for the fix that is simple could have been done at home for much cheaper. Having the tools that are proper knowledge will allow any car owner to truly save money, find out more about their automobile, and maintain their car.

1. Jack And Jack Stands

When working on car, more regularly than perhaps not, the car must certanly be elevated. Simple procedures like rotating tires could be done acquainted with the aid of a Jack. Additionally, all automobile owners should have jack in their car with them anywhere each goes. In the unfortunate event of a flat tire, having a jack and a spare tire often leads to a simple tire replacement. In a garage, having a jack that is powerful strong jack stands makes it possible for an automobile owner to reach every point underneath the car and thus solve problems more effortlessly.

2. Torque Wrench

Wheels and other automotive components such as engine parts need to be tightened to requirements that are specific. A set of good torque wrenches is essential for every house mechanic.

3. Socket Set

Often when dealing with elements of the engine, or the spots that are hard-to-reach the hood, proper tools are required. a 3/8-inch socket set can allow an automobile owner to loosen and subsequently tighten a multitude of bolts. Different extensions enable the auto owner to search for the best angles for torque and for that reason make auto jobs quite a bit easier.

4. Funnel

When changing oil, having a channel, some rags, and a bucket is very helpful. Once again, the oil change is one of the most maintenances that are important a car, and it can be done simply by anyone. However, many people do perhaps not have the appropriate tools or knowledge for an oil change that is successful. Having a funnel can be useful whenever refilling any other fluids in one’s vehicle. The funnel acts to ensure that liquids don't get over filled, which can result in significant problems.

5. Vice Grips

Finally, every auto owner should have a set of solid vice grips. Some times a right part will just not come loose. Other times, a motor car part may not be seemingly tight enough despite one’s best efforts. Vice grips can hold a variety that is wide of parts and permit the user to get more leverage for either tightening or loosening a part. Whenever encountering a component that may simply not come loose, numerous auto owners gives up and take their car to a store. Having vice grips can help one to avoid this issue. With the right tools, everyone can fix minor problems and maintain his / her automobile without the assistance of an auto mechanic.

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